What progress does Europe make towards the knowledge society? The Digital Agenda for Europe, the flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 growth strategy (EU2020), has remained my main theme since the latest roundup of blog posts 24 July 2011.

Here is the latest batch of entries on my four blogs.

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Finnish): Euroopan digitaalistrategian eteneminen ja Suomi (25 July 2011)

Grahnlaw: EU Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2011 (25 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland: Kroes' 101 Dalmatians or progress on Digital Agenda actions (26 July 2011). This post includes suggestions for improving the Digital Agenda website.

Grahnblawg (in Swedish): En digital agenda för Europa: resultattavlan 2011 (27 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Swedish): Sverige och Norden i IKT-topp (27 July 2011)

Grahnlaw: Nordic ICT competitiveness (INSEAD and WEF) (28 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland: ICT competitiveness: Best new EU member states (28 July 2011)


In the post scripta we have referred to the expectations of the European trade associations for businesses offering ICT goods and services regarding the Digital Agenda, including the Digital Single Market. The industry players want pan-European markets and regulation. The causes of market fragmentation lie somewhere else.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. What do European business leaders expect and hope for regarding the EU? Booz & Co, the European Executive Council and INSEAD have published an interesting report Revitalising the European Dream: A Corporate View.