My latest roundup of the trilingual series on the Digital Agenda for Europe and national digital agendas was published 22 October 2011.

Since then I have written a few more blog posts in Finnish, Swedish and English between 22 and 26 October 2011 about these information society or ICT strategies:

Euroopan digitaalistrategia Suomessa ja Suomen digitaalinen agenda 2010-2020

Digital agenda för Finland 2011-2020

Suomen digitaalinen agenda 2010-2020 – kieliversiot

National Digital Agenda for Finland 2011-2020

En digital agenda för Finland: kort kommentar

Suomen digitaalinen agenda eduskuntaan

Digital Agenda for Finland: glossy or original?

National Digital Agenda for Finland: ”Boring stuff” left out

Suomen digitaalinen agenda eduskunnassa

Suomen digitaalinen agenda eduskunnasta

Riksdagen om en digital agenda för Finland

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Dear Readers, I am still interested in Digital Agendas (language versions), as well as information society plans and ICT actions in the member states of the European Union. If you know something, you can use the comment section or email me.