The multilingual already aggregates the posts from 952 Euroblogs. They represent an integral part of the emerging European online public sphere: reading and discussing across national and linguistic borders. Most weeks you can read a light-hearted roundup of promoted posts in the Week in Bloggingportal, such as the latest one: Take us to your Commission President.

Europe is more than the old member states of the EU. The WSJ Emerging Europe blog follows economic and political developments in the new EU member states in Central Europe, as well as in Turkey, Russia and other Eastern European countries.

Among the Euroblogs on you find my blog archive of more than 2,700 articles in all plus fresh news feeds: Grahnlaw (ranked fourth among political blogs in Finland), the Nordic Grahnblawg (written in Swedish) and Eurooppaoikeus (meaning European Law, in Finnish).

I write and speak about democracy and openness in the European Union, but increasingly wonder about the future prosperity of Europeans in the global era, with the growth strategy EU2020 and the (digital) single market as both means and indicators.

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Ralf Grahn
EU affairs expert, speaker and lecturer